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Friday, July 01, 2011

NRSC Video- ‘Actions Speak Louder Than Words, Mr. President.’

The National Republican Senatorial Committee has put together a 39 second video (shown below)using comments from Obama's last speech with captions showing exactly what Obama has been doing and where he has been during the budget talks and debit crisis.


76 rounds of gold
48 days of vacation
149 fundraisers

The visuals and text overlaying Obama's comments about "being here" and how leaders are supposed to lead.... hard hitting, damaging and perhaps one of the best, short videos against Obama to date using his own words, his own actions to make the point.

H/T to NRO which calls this video a "brutal kick to the solar plexus in video form."

[Update]The Hill reports on the video shown above:

The National Republican Senatorial Committe (NRSC), the Senate GOP's campaign arm, released a web video that spliced images of Obama playing ping pong, drinking beer in Ireland and hitting the golf course over the audio of him lashing out at congressional Republicans for not working hard enough to hammer out a debt-reduction deal.

"Actions speak louder than words," the ad says.