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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Donald Trump To Speak At CPAC- How Does President Trump Sound To You?

[Update 4/14/11] Donald Trump To Make Announcement On Presidency Run On Season Finale Of Celebrity Apprentice

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Update below post on what Trump said at the CPAC.

We asked back in November if Donald Trump would be the one to say "Barack, You're Fired," and from seeing his recent interviews and the news that Donald Trump has accepted an invitation to speak at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) it is beginning to look like he may very well run for President in 2012.

Trump has expressed his disgust with how the country has been run on multiple occasions and has not been shy in offering his expert business opinion on how to turn America's economy around, create jobs and lower the deficit.

His latest interview from February 9, 2011 on Piers Morgan's show, uploaded to YouTube by bettykk887. The meat and potatoes of the interview, politically, is in part one, shown below.

Donald Trump Interview on Piers Morgan Tonight (February 09 2011)

TRUMP: We don't have free trade. You know I believe in free trade, right? But we don't have free trade. We have very, very unfair trade. I call it unfair trade. I would tax them 25 percent. They would come to the table immediately.

The other thing I'd do is I'd get our best business leaders. I wouldn't use the diplomats. I'd use the killers on Wall Street of which I know every one of them. I would put this one in charge of negotiating with China. I'd put this one in charge of negotiating with India. We would do very well. We have the greatest business people in the world but we're not using them.

MORGAN: But you know --- before we go to a break, let me just put one thing to you. In business, you can be ruthless. I've seen it and you're successful because of it. You kill competitors, don't you? Aren't the Chinese just behaving like Donald Trump? And don't we just need more people like you to compete with them?

TRUMP: You need to have people that know how to deal with the Chinese. And we don't have those people. The president of China comes in, we give him a five-star dinner at the White House.

I don't give my people that are not fair to me five-star dinners. I wouldn't have given him a five -- I would have said come to my office, let's talk. And if we don't work out a deal we send him to McDonald's and send him back.

The complete transcript from last night's interview can be found at CNN.

Readers interested in learning more about Donald Trump can go to and read up on his latest interviews and his political stances.

Recent polling has shown that even without an announcement on whether Trump will really run for president in 2012, he already shows strongly as being able to beat Obama.

Obama's polling on economic issues such as taxes, deficit and the economy, is falling fast and he is getting his lowest approval ratings to date in those areas.

The exact areas Trump excels at.

This is not the first time trump has flirted with the possibility of running for President but his interviews and recent actions indicate he may seriously be considering running against Barack Obama in 2012.

The highlighted comments of Trumps are only a portion of the information out there on his stances on a variety of topics. In another interview published in January 2011, he has expressed opinions on presidential image, domestic violence, Korea, OPEC, Afghanistan, Iraq, and more.

The more I read, the more I watch, the more I like Donald Trump. No doubt he can be a hard ass, but with our country floundering economically, borrowing and spending like drunken sailors, disrespected by the world, a hard ass might just be what we need to turn things around.

We need jobs. We need to control spending. We need revenue without taxing our citizens more than they already are taxed.

We do not need to be "liked" at the expense of the above aforementioned.

Donald Trump seems to understand that and I am beginning to hope he decides to run against Barack Obama in 2012.

(I can see the campaign commercials now- Trump pointing his finger at the camera saying "Barack, You're Fired!!!!")

[Update]ABC News and NYT highlight some of Trumps comments at the CPAC.


He bragged that he had beaten “many people and companies” and “earned billions of dollars,” earning him the title of the world’s most competitive businessman, he said. He contrasted himself with President Obama, who he said “came out of nowhere.”

“With no track record. There was no record. Nothing to criticize,” Mr. Trump said. “Nobody knew who the hell he was.”

Mr. Obama has turned America into the “laughing stock” of the world, Mr. Trump said. “The United States has become a whipping post for the rest of the world.”

By contrast, he said that a President Trump would move quickly to restore respect of America. He said he is pro-life, against gun control and will work to repeal Mr. Obama’s health care plan.

“If I decide to run, I will not be raising taxes,” he said. Under his administration, Mr. Trump said America will be “taking in hundreds of millions of dollars from countries that are screwing us.”

ABC News:

He laid out his policy viewpoints in straightforward terms: “I’m pro-life. I’m against gun control, and I will fight to end Obamacare and replace it with something that makes sense for people in business and not bankrupt the country.”

Trump added, “If I decide to run, I will not be raising taxes.” He also pledged to help America re-gain a competitive advantage with China and other countries that he said “are screwing us.”

He said, “I’ve always been told that a person of great accomplishment or achievement cannot become a politicians or run for political office” saying that they most people who fall into that category – and he certainly seemed to be including himself – don’t want that kind of scrutiny.

“That is the kind of person that the country needs and we need it now,” Trump said. “This country is in serious trouble.”