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Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Obama's New Approval Lows: Taxes, Deficit, Economy And Healthcare

The good news for Barack Obama in the latest Gallup findings is that he holds a plurality of approval on Foreign Affairs, 48 percent approve with 45 percent disapproving, handling of Egypt 47/32, Afghanistan 46/45 and Energy 43/42.

The bad news is the majority of Americans disapprove of his handling of Taxes, 54 percent disapproving with only 42 percent approving, Healthcare 56/40, Economy 60/37 and Deficit 68/27, bringing the issue of the deficit to his highest disapproval rating to date.

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Plurality being "more than" without hitting a majority (50 percent or higher)

Majority being 50 percent of higher.

Andrew Malcolm from Top of the Ticket:

Apparently, Obama's State of the Union vocabulary switch from "spending" to "investing" failed to fool even fellow Democrats.

It is telling that even during the time when Obama's approval seemed to be bouncing back after the tax deal with Republicans, even his best approval rating hasn't hit a majority.

Worth noting these figures are before Obama releases his 2012 budget proposal on Friday.