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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wisconsin Department of Regulation and Licensing Investigating Physician's Fake Doctors Notes For Protesters

Channel3000 reports the Wisconsin Department of Regulation and Licensing will be investigating complaints of physicians handing out fake doctors notes to protesters.

The Department of Regulation and Licensing has issued a statement, found on their website (PDF here.)

Madison, WI – Wisconsin Department of Regulation and Licensing Secretary Dave Ross issued the following statement today:

“Over the weekend, our agency received numerous contacts concerning physicians involved in writing medical excuses for those attending rallies at the State Capitol.

Any charge against a physician is taken seriously and this is no exception. Rest assured, the agency is processing these complaints as quickly as possible. DRL will be working with the independent Medical Examining Board to appropriately review these complaints.

The Department of Regulation and Licensing and the Medical Examining Board are charged with administering and enforcing the licensure and practice of medical professionals, including acting where needed to discipline individuals who act improperly in the practice of their profession.”

These physicians were caught on multiple videos providing fraudulent doctors notes to protesters to hand in to their employers to justify their not showing up to work on the days of the protests.

It was reported yesterday that UWHealth was also launching investigations into the same physicians, some of which were publicly listed as belonging to the group.

More news on that from Pundit Press shows those physician's names have been scrubbed off the UW website.

While this peddles slowly along, some of profiles are being scrubbed clean. The profiles of Hannah Keevil and Valerie Gilchrist remain, while Kathy Oriel, James Shropshire, Lou Sannon, Patrick McKenna, and Elizabeth Kvach have all been expunged from the Department of Family Medicine Faculty and Staff Directory page. You can search the UFM Departments Faculty and Staff Directory here.

Since these individuals were caught on video offering up those fake doctor's notes, it will be interesting to see what type of disciplinary actions will be taken against them following these investigations.