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Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Difference Between Liberal 'Tea Party-Like' Uprisings And The Actual Tea Party

The Hill reports on Liberal groups that are attempting to create a "Tea Party-like public uprising" against Republicans on the issue of steep budget cuts.

Liberals are backing the wrong horse once again.

The difference between what Liberals will attempt and fail and what the Tea Party has done successfully is very simple.

The Tea Party's positions against government spending mimic the majority of Americans that in poll after poll have said they want smaller government to spend less of taxpayers money, a decrease in the federal deficit and budget cuts.

The Liberal's attempting to replicate the Tea Party, are fighting against steep budget cuts and continue to encourage even more spending of money the country doesn't have.

So the difference is quite easily seen.

The Liberals are arguing and fighting against what the majority of American voters want. The Tea Party's positions represent what most Americans want.

This is why one is successful and the other is doomed to failure.