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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Israel, Iran and the U.S.

It is not a case of "if" Israel will strike out at Iran's nuclear facilities but of "when" they will do so. Allowing Iran to obtain nuclear weapons while the UN and the U.S. pussyfoot around claiming it is unacceptable but refusing to take strong enough actions to prevent it, is not an option.

Only a handful of reports are seen across the globe, but tension is running high between the U.S. and Israel and while many Muslim countries are quite anti-semitic, many others are fearful of a nuclear Iran, for after Israel, they know the lunatic from Iran will have no hesitation in striking out at them as well.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is banking on that as he preemptively negotiates with the Egyptian President, possibly the King of Jordan and has been reported to have met with British foreign secretary David Milliband, plans being made before he comes to meet with Barack Obama, who is endangering Israel with his mealy mouth attempt to appease Israel's enemies.

Did the man learn nothing from Bill Clinton's fiasco with North Korea (compliments of Jimmy Carter's idiotic help), about appeasement and how weak it makes the U.S.?

Via the Christian Science Monitor, we have three major mistakes Obama is making:

The administration seems to be making three grave errors. The first is disregarding reality. The entrenched hostility of the Arab world and radical Muslims toward Israel is there for all to see. The core issue is that the Arab elites have not accepted Israel's existence in the region. This fundamental point cannot be overlooked.

A second major mistake is arm-twisting a staunch democratic ally to curry favor among a deeply anti-American Arab and Islamic world. Doing so would send a message of weakness. America's allies from Japan to India to the Baltics will take note. A new wave of anti-American attacks – in Iraq, in the Gulf, and even on American soil – may be the unintended consequence.

The third mistake is to reward terrorism. A seven-year barrage of rockets from Gaza has not broken the will of the Israelis. Neither have the terror attacks, which killed nearly 1,200 Israelis since 2000 – mathematically proportional to 50,000 deaths in America. We should not allow the threat of terror to break the will of America to stand up to terror masters and financiers.

Even more interesting is the news reports showing Obama is worried about being "surprised" by a strike against Iran.

So, when curious to know more and knowing our media is slow to get the news about what is happening, I usually go straight to the source to see what is being reported on that side of the world.

Carl in Jerusalem who writes Israel Matzav, and there is a wealth of links about what Israel is doing and reports from foreign papers.

Why is Obama sending secret messages that are being deliberately leaked to the press, about his not wanting to be surprised by an Israeli strike against Iran?

Obama is immediately concerned about several recent developments:
  1. Wednesday's report that the IAF is practicing dogfights against Soviet-made MiG 29's and is practicing 'heavy formations' with its F-16's.
  2. The report earlier this month that the IAF flew its jets to Gibraltar and back to practice refueling for long distance flights.
  3. The report earlier this month that reservists have been called up for extra duty to practice manning anti-missile batteries.
  4. The obvious implications of Israel's strikes against Iranian weapons supplies in Sudan for Israel's ability to strike at the Iranians with or without American cooperation.

Go to Israel Matzav and read the updates about the reports coming out on Israel radio as well as some history on previous Israeli actions and possible reasons why Obama is feeling the heat right now.

Kudos to Carl for his reporting, keeping us updated and more so for his bluntness when he sends a little message to Obama:

Good luck with that Mr. President. Netanyahu is not going to allow us to take a hit so that you can keep bowing down to the Mullahs.

Obama's spine might be made from noodles, but Netanyahu's is made of steel.