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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Video- Democrats Galore

The RNC video that is causing an uproar around the blogosphere, shown below.

Darleen, over at Protein Wisdom, calls it the weekend giggle.

Le-gal In-sure-rec-tion explains it all to the ones that are a tad slow.

But the opening camera-aperture shot and theme music are not from Goldfinger, but from the movie Dr. No. Politico also states that the video "puts Pelosi side-by-side with the aforementioned villainess" (Pussy Galore). Don't blink or you will miss the "side-by-side" screen shot, which lasts maybe a second, and doesn't clearly indicate who is the other woman next to Pelosi. And the closing tag line refers to: "Lack of Leadership. Democrats Galore."

So there is precious little in the actual video to suggest that the RNC intended to "equat[e] the first woman speaker of the House with a character whose first name also happens to be among the most vulgar terms for a part of the female anatomy." I agree, as stated at the beginning, that the RNC should not have produced the video, but the Politico has erred both in its facts and in asserting that the video "implies that Pelosi has used her feminine wiles to dodge the truth."

The Politico article is mostly about the inner-workings of Andie Coller's mind and the need to generate news on a holiday weekend, not about any true outrage.

You can see all the hyperventilating over at Memeorandum.

Weekend entertainment... better than the usual no-news Sundays.