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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Will the Senate Give Franken The Win EVEN IF HE LOSES?

Here's a little fun fact. Even after all the results are counted, and all the legal challenges have been answered, the Democratic Party Controlled Senate can vote to not seat Norm Coleman, to count disqualified ballots, even if the courts have ruled them inadmissible, or to call for a run-off election. Their reasoning can be no more logical than Harry Reid said so. The body has the power to determine its members' qualifications.The Senate has in rare cases inserted itself into elections, including a 1996 Louisiana race (where the senate overturned a tiny Republican victory by forcing a runoff) and a 1974 New Hampshire contest which the Democratic winner kept his small (10 vote) victory after the Senate, justifiably in this case, forced a re-vote.

Last week Senate Minority leader Mitch McConnell voiced his opposition to the prospect of Senate involvement “I would hope that Washington partisans would refrain from injecting themselves into what is, by design, a nonpartisan process.”

McConnell is right on when he talks about the the election process. The principal of the entire system depends on the Senate acting in an unbiased and responsible way. The Senate should simply choose the candidate who was rightfully elected in the first place, as shown on the state’s election certificate. Ah, but with the Democratic Party so close to that filibuster proof majority, it is doubtful that they will be unbiased and responsible, as Harry Reid so rarely falls into that category.

If Franken loses fairly, he will most assuredly go to the Senate, what will happen from there, well, Click here to see some possibilities