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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Obama to Appoint James Baker's Anti-Israel "Jewboy" as Mid-East Envoy'

Israeli Newspaper Ha'aretz is reporting that President-elect Obama is about to appoint Daniel Kurtzer as his special envoy reporting directly to him.

Obama's decision to appoint a special envoy reporting to him directly, rather than to the secretary of state, indicates that the president-elect attaches special importance to the regional peace process. Reportedly, several of Obama's advisers recommended the appointment. The special envoy job could infringe on the prestige of Hillary Clinton, who was appointed secretary of state yesterday. On the other hand, it could ease any apparent conflict because of Bill Clinton's close ties with the Gulf States.
Kurtzer is another gift given to Israel from that 78% of Jews who voted for BOH. When Daniel Kurtzer was part of the George HW Bush's administration he was known as one of Secretary of State James Baker's team of "Jew Boys."--- Kurtzer, Dennis Ross, and Aaron Miller. They were Baker's closest advisers and the designers of the Bush's policy to reach out to the PLO, appease terrorism and blame Israel for everything.

You remember Jim Baker he was the Secretary of State said, "F**K the Jews, they didn't vote for us anyway" Baker was also the one who during the first Gulf war told Israel to simply suck it up for the greater good and take Iraq's Scud attacks without responding.

When Baker ran the state department under the first President Bush, he was famous for his disdain of Israel and tilting American Foreign Policy toward the Palestinians.

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