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Friday, December 19, 2008

Campaign for New York Senator Update-Dealing With Media Bias

With great fanfare, earlier this week I threw my hat in the ring for the open NY Senate Seat. Since then the Mainstream Media has shown its true bias. They were all over the story of Ms Kennedy, not ONE mention of Yidwithlid. They even covered and praised Caroline's Lunch with Al Sharpton. AL SHARPTON ???? For Pete's Sake !! She wants to be senator and she is having lunch with AL Sharpton--- a professional BIGOT. OH MY GOD !

Governor Paterson I understand the severe pressure you face. When President-elect Obama didn't give Ms Kennedy the job she wanted (UN Ambassador) you were stuck with "paying off" Caroline and her Uncle Ted with the NY Senate seat.

Just to show you what a wonderful problem solver I can be as Senator, here is a solution for you to get out from under the pressure AND to solve another Democratic party problem. If you suggest this you will look like a party superstar. Tell Obama to give Ms Kennedy the Illinois Senate Seat. That's right, Illinois. Its a great solution.

With all the scandal Illinois is facing they an Icon appointed to that Senate Seat to remove the pretense of "monkey business". There is no bigger Democratic Party Icon than the Kennedy family. Now that is somthing Ms Kennedy IS qualified for---being a professional icon. Even better is the fact that there is precedent for a move like this, Hillary Clinton. She is grew up in Illinois, lived in Arkansas and only moved to NY to become Senator. We had her shoved down our throats as a carpet bagger. Lets send Illinois a carpet bagger of their own.

Governor, with Ms Kennedy out of the way, you would be free the most unqualified person left to by the NY Senator--ME choose me, It is plain to see (oops sorry, I didn't mean anything by that). It is clear that with Caroline out of the way, I am the number one, most unqualified candidate for the NY Senate Seat.

While Ms Kennedy went upstate to meet with leaders, I traveled around Nassau County to meet key party people. While none of them would meet with me, I did see the building where the County Executive works. Because he has already incited two pogroms against Jews, I did not want to have lunch with "Reverend" Al Sharpton, but did have a really good slice of Pizza and the guy behind the counter, Mario says I am perfect for the Senate Seat.

Sadly, there was no Media Coverage of my trip. The left wing media is as in love Obama's choice for Senator, Ms Kennedy, almost as much as they are with the President-elect/messiah himself. The NY City media spoke glowingly of her trip upstate yesterday, no one mentioned her lack of qualifications, they just repeated her "stump speech," like this from the NY Daily News:

"I have had a life-long commitment to public service. I've written books on the Constitution and the importance of individual participation," she said. The 51-year-old Kennedy also touted her mom skills as well as her "commitment to education in New York City, training principals, working for kids." "I think I really could help bring change to Washington," she said.

WELL EXCUSE ME, Ms "My Uncle is a Senator, " you are not the only one involved with public service. I go to Minyan at my shul every day, and those services are very public. You might be a MOM but I am a DAD. I have taught my kids all of the basic skills, from laying off a curve ball when the count is in your favor to channel flipping and "pull my finger".

I will not only bring change to Washington, but I will bring paper money. Hard earned paper-money-- made by people who have had to worry about covering expenses from taxes that are too high, or people have to worry about losing their jobs. My qualifications were learned in the School of Hard Knox, your only qualification is that you can see New York from your summer house on the cape. I will scrap and fight for NY, YOU DON'T EVEN VOTE.

There is one more thing you all should know, there is another blogger who has thrown her hat in the ring, but she is too qualified. It is obvious that the Governor does not want to consider qualified people. Her name is Pamela Geller and she runs the site Atlas Shrugs. I am telling you this because she is not a good candidate. You see she brighter and more qualified than me, thus she should not be considered.

Sammy Benoit, Yidwithlid, is the editor of the Blog, Yid With Lid, and a candidate for the office of Senator of the Great State of New York.