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Monday, December 15, 2008

Submit Your Nomination For the Second Annual Self-Hating Jew Awards

I thought I was a self-hating Jew, but it turns out I'm just a plain old anti-Semite.'' --Krusty the Clown

Last year I was given a challenge by a friend--why didn't anyone ever blog about these "self-hating" Jews?" Doing one better and with some help from friends we set up the Self Hating Jew Awards a chance to all the great posts that people have written about those Members of the Tribe who may have their heads up their arses. ( My friend Bruce created one "trophy" like this for each category)

Last year's competition generated much good debate and discussion, and 2008's is bound to be even better.

Nominations are accepted for the following categories:
  • Most Self-Hating Jew (2007 Winner-Ehud Olmert)
  • Not Self-Hating Just Stupid (2007 Winner- Alan Colmes)
  • Most Self-Hating EX-Jew (2007 Winner-Daniel Sharon)
  • Most Self Hating Media (2007 Winner-NY Times)
Any nomination must be accompanied an article/post to that substantiates the nominee. To Nominate Your Favorite(s) access the Carnival Submission form by clicking here

Or send an email to yidwithlid at aol dot com

If you would like to review last years nominations CLICK HERE