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Friday, December 05, 2008

"This wasn't just stuff..."

The "stuff" Linda Ferrara is talking about is precious donations that she and friends had spent months collecting. The collection of of hundreds of socks, sweat shirts, pajama pants, boxers, blankets and other items, was about to be shipped to Landstuhl military hospital. All those items were stolen over the weekend from the RV that Linda had them packed and ready to go.

Linda is no ordinary woman. Apart from working tirelessly with Soldiers' Angels, she is a Gold Star Mother. Her son, Matthew, paid the ultimate sacrifice in Afghanistan on November 9, 2007.

Photo of 1st Lt.  Matthew  C. Ferrara

In the year since Matthew - a West Point grad - died, leaving behind an extended family in both America and New Zealand, this Californian mother, Linda, has worked tirelessly collecting clothes and very special blankets for the wounded troops who continue Matthew's mission. A consignment of those special blankets were ready to go to Germany. It seems some lowlifes had other ideas. The blankets (among all the other items now gone) are handmade - with love and prayers, and from all I hear, are treasured by the soldiers who receive them. The soldiers FEEL the love that goes into every stitch....

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