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Friday, December 05, 2008

About Barack Obama's Birth Certificate

While today the Supreme Court considers whether to take up one of the cases filed to determine Barack Obama's eligibility for presidency, I see many refuse to discuss the topic, others are convinced he is not eligible and some simply want to see his vault copy of his birth certificate.

Then there are people like me, who really never thought he wasn't eligible but thinks that something smells fishy when Obama simply refuses to provide the documents that would make this whole issue go away.

This issue has been followed closely by Maggie Thornton, from Maggie's Notebook and one of Wake up America's contributors as well as a couple of writers here and elsewhere. Not only has she followed the issue but she has brought any and all news related to the issue here to WUA and it is appreciated greatly because whether or not he is or is not eligible, the suits, the court's decisions and the amount of lawsuits around the country over this issue IS NEWS.


Fact: People are suing for the documents.
Fact: The court's are having to decide on the merits of each case filed.
Fact: Some people, Americans, have questions they want answered.
Fact: Major newspapers are reporting on the court's decisions.
Fact: Barack Obama has not offered the simple documents that would put this issue to rest once and for all.

Do any of the facts above mean Obama is not eligible to be the president? NO

What the facts above do show is that this issue, whether you agree, have questions, do not agree or think it is silly, is news and is something that could have and should have been dealt with way before now by Barack Obama by simply producing the vault copy of his birth certificate.

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