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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Governor Patterson PICK ME, Not Caroline Kennedy

Cross-Posted From Yidwithlid

Dear Governor Patterson:

The rumor is that you are going to submit to the will of the national democratic party and appoint Caroline Kennedy as NY State Senator. My recommendation sir, is that you reject the party's pressure and embrace the Politics of Change DO NOT APPOINT CAROLINE KENNEDY AS the Senator from NY, Pick ME, Yidwithlid.

I'm very serious. My qualifications are just as strong as Ms. Kennedy, If not Stronger, In fact some would say that I am just as unqualified to be Senator as Caroline Kennedy:

Judging Obama's Plan for Capital Improvements? Ms Kennedy comes from a long line of politicians she will bring the same Old Perspective to the seat. I come from a long line of house-painters I know all about capital improvements and where we would need one Coat or Two.

I can save the State Money- Guaranteed ! Ms Kennedy was born with the silver Kennedy Spoon in her mouth. I am out of work and get NY State Unemployment. If I'm appointed I will no longer need that Unemployment Check--I promise.

Background? Both Caroline and I are devout in our faiths. I am Jewish, Kennedy is married to a Jew and thus, Jewish by insemination.

Job Training Ms Kennedy is a Lawyer by trade, I have 30 years in marketing. There are already too many lawyers in Congress, I already twist facts for a living.

Caroline Kennedy will bring the same old Kennedy perspective to Washington, I will bring diversity of Opinion, to the Senate. The same sick warped opinions I bring to this blog.
A Kennedy appointment will reek of nepotism. If Caroline Kennedy is appointed to the New York Senate seat — once held by her uncle, Sen. Robert F. Kennedy — she would be joined in Congress not only by another uncle, Sen. Ted Kennedy, but also by her cousin (his son) Rhode Island Rep. Patrick Kennedy .

At the moment, the Senate includes six sons or daughters of congressmen. In the 111th Congress next year, there will be 21 House members with a parent who also served in Congress – plus five wives who currently hold their late husbands’ seats. NO ONE In my family has ever served in Congress. In the interests of full disclosure, ONE of my relatives did wallpaper the bathrooms on the first floor of NYC's City Hall--see I have political experience also.
Charitable Causes? Ms Kennedy give a lot of Money and Time to Charity. So Do I, in fact I gave more money to charity over the past nine years the the Vice-President elect. There is no reason to believe that Caroline will stop giving money to charity if she is not selected. Since appointing me Senator will be granting me game-full employment I could actually INCREASE my charitable contributions.

Rep. Peter King – who said that he might run for the Senate in 2010 – asked why New Yorkers would feel more comfortable with Kennedy “than with people who have worked in the trenches and worked their way up.” But then, "Americans always say they don’t like royalty and hereditary connections,” he said. “On the other hand, they really like families like the Kennedys.”

One more thing, Mr. Patterson, I am one of those Crazy Right Wing Bloggers you Democrats complain about, If appointed Senator, I will no longer have the time, to dig around and expose the liberals for what they are...that's got to be worth something.

Mr Governor you see (no pun intended) except for maybe the Religion Issue which is a tie, I beat Ms Kennedy at every Issue. If you are going to pick someone without the slightest bit of qualifications to be Senator Pick Me Not Caroline Kennedy