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Friday, October 07, 2011

Pushback Against Occupiers: 'We Are The 53% Group

By Susan Duclos

Well this is getting entertaining.

From my last post entitled "1%'ers to Occupiers: 'I Paid For Everything I Own'," I pointed out messages from the so-called 1%'ers:

I have done a few posts on the Occupiers and Obama/liberals stoking of class war in America, they can be found here, here , here and here.

Browsing around today I found a comment over at Hot Air that provided a link to The Morning Spew who has some awesome responses to the Occupiers from the so-called 1%.

Now, via The Blaze, I see there is a 53% tumblr page, titled "We Are The 53%", meaning the 53% of Americans paying taxes.

More photos of people holding up notes explaining how hard they work for what they have and stating "I Am The 53%".

Looks like those working hard to earn their money and pay their bills are pushing back against the Occupiers that have decided the country owes them more than just the opportunity to earn their own keep.