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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Mr. President, How Dare You...

By Paul N. Marston from I have always thought that any President of the United States of either party, no matter how much I disagreed with his policies, had the best interest of his country and his fellow citizens at heart. He might be going about it the wrong way in my opinion, but there is no way that he would deliberately make life worse for his fellow Americans. Strangely enough, it was an episode in a television series that caused me to change my mind. My wife and I never watch television because we cannot stand the mind numbing insipid commercials we would be subject to if we did. We watch last year's programs that we enjoy on a rented DVD minus the commercials instead.

Thus it was that we watched this week an episode of Criminal Minds called "Coda" that was broadcast last February. During this program I suddenly became absolutely furious as I called our current president every foul name I could think of because I knew what I was seeing was all his fault and his fault alone. It was not that a couple in Louisiana had been kidnapped leaving their autistic son alone that set me off but what the screen was showing had happened to this town in Southern Louisiana instead. This couple was at risk because unlike anyone else in this town they had managed to get a measly $42,000 loan when no one else could do that. This was so unusual that most everybody knew they had gotten this loan and it pushed one desperate man who was losing everything to do something he would ordinarily never think of doing.

This episode was fiction but the economic situation it was depicting is tragically true. What made me so furious was that all this economic misery could be so easily solved by you, Mr. President. The entire Gulf Coast has lost hundreds of thousands of jobs and it is solely your doing, Mr. President. While I know how devastating this has been to the Gulf Coast intellectually, seeing a dramatization of the effects of it really brought it all home. Mr. President, how dare you let these Americans suffer needlessly? Yes, there was an unfortunate oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. It has been plugged and in spite of numerous scare stories in the mass media, the damage to the environment has not been catastrophic. You and your appointees totally overreacted and shut down all drilling in the area and have refused to issue all but a handful of permits since. You have done this even in the face of a court order telling you not to do this. Mr. President, how dare you defy a federal court order and put all these people out of work?

All you have to do to fix this is to issue an executive order and tell your Secretaries of Energy and Interior to quit stalling and start issuing permits. You do not need the co-operation of those "obstructionist" Republicans in the House to do this. Indeed, they would be happy to co-operate on this particular subject. You are the obstructionist here and not them. Mr. President, how dare you continue to drag your feet and keep thousands of Americans out of work? What about that pipeline from Canada that would bring in much needed revenue and thousands of jobs? You could get this approved all by yourself by just telling your appointees to do it.

In order to protect some damn little fish that nobody but a bunch of wacko environmentalists gives a damn about, you have allowed hundreds of thousands of acres of the best farmland in America lie fallow. This has caused an economic disaster in the counties containing this land where unemployment is pushing 40%. A lot of these idled workers are Hispanics that you profess to be so concerned about. Mr. President, how dare you leave these Hispanics literally high and dry? With a stroke of a pen you could fix this and yet you cannot be bothered. You seem to be perfectly content to let Americans suffer because of your ritualistic commitment to the environment. Only an idiot fouls his own nest and we all want to see an improved environment but the environment is already greatly improved from 40 years ago. We should not rest on our laurels but there is no need to be so environmentally conscious that you are willing to let millions of Americans lose their jobs all because of one species here and there that is just not all that important in the overall scheme of things.

You and your ilk make fun of hidebound fundamentalists who believe that every word in the Bible is literally true and therefore the Universe was created in 7007 BC in spite of all the evidence to the contrary. Yet you are equally hidebound in thinking that wind and solar power are the answers to our energy needs now when all the evidence says that we are decades away from that happening if ever. In the meantime we need fossil fuels to keep us going. Instead of encouraging more exploration for fossil fuels here at home, you are content to force us to send billions of dollars to countries that hate our guts to buy their fossil fuels. Those billions could stay right here in our economy and provide much needed jobs. Mr. President, how dare you deliberately put us at such a security risk?

There are many people who think you are a closet Muslim and have been foisted off on us by some cabal who is intent on destroying this country and everything it stands for. Ordinarily these people would be totally dismissed as wild theory conspiracists. The only reason they have any traction with this idea is because of your behavior, Mr. President. They say that if their theory is incorrect why is it that everything you do seems to be deliberately chosen to make matters worse for America and Americans? A President who was determined to destroy America would do exactly what you are doing so even if you are not deliberately trying to destroy America, you might as well be in their opinion.

Right now most American businesses and especially the finance industry are sitting on trillions of dollars and not investing in new businesses and expanding old ones all because of you. They are not willing to hire any new employees because you demonize business at every turn. Rightly or wrongly, they believe that you are out to make their life miserable. That being the case, they are simply waiting your term of office out in hopes that you will be defeated and your successor will let them get back to the business of making all Americans more prosperous. Mr. President, how dare you do everything in your power to inhibit business and cause them to stop hiring people who are desperate to find a job?

In addition to your counterproductive economic policies you seem to be fomenting further divisions among Americans along racial and class lines. Anyone who opposes you is a racist yet blacks are only one out of eight Americans so how did you ever get elected without tremendous white support? When you and your supporters are not calling your opponents racists, you are accusing them of being willing to let people die and let murder and rape run rampant when they refuse to throw more money into your redistribute the wealth schemes. Mr. President, how dare you deliberately foster divisions among people you supposedly represent?

All one has to do is read the news to see you in constant campaign mode and never doing anything to help put Americans back to work. All you seem to care about is getting your sorry ass re-elected. Do you even care about your fellow Americans anymore if you ever did? Maybe you do care but it sure does not look like it given your actions. Mr. President, how dare you let us all suffer why you, your family and your cronies are riding high on our dime? You might not be suffering but we sure are. I suggest you get busy doing things to encourage businesses to put Americans back to work instead of beating up on them. We can't afford to wait until we can elect someone else who will do something to ease our suffering.