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Monday, October 31, 2011

#OWS News- Occupiers Booted Out Of Richmond's Kanawha Plaza

By Susan Duclos

These folks could teach New Yorl Elected officials and Mayor Michael Bloomberg a thing or two about how to handle illegal Occupiers.

At 1am Richmond, Virginia police told Occupiers to vacate Kanawha Plaza and one hour later, the police removed those that did not comply.

Despite occupying the park illegally, demonstrators said they weren't given enough time to collect stuff--and not as much as they were officially told they would have.

"They come here unannounced to come and raid the camp, just saying we have a few hours just move everywhere we have which is quite a lot," said one demonstrator. “Then once we start moving it out and after we’re getting a good bunch of it out they kick out and start arresting people.”

Bulldozers were deployed to scoop up the assorted tents, signs, and debris left behind into dump trucks.The operation took more than four hours.

After that work was completed, Kanawha Plaza was closed off with fences.

A city spokesperson sent out a release that said Kanawha Plaza Park would be closed to the public "today" while the Department of Parks, Recreation and Community Facilities inspects and cleans the park.

Nine arrests were made, five of which were given summons and four were taken into custody.

Mayor Dwight Jones later stressed the importance of following city laws which prohibit people from camping out in the park.

Note to Mayor Bloomberg
of New York- Sir, this is how you enforce the law.

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