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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Iraq News Links: Troops Coming Home- Say Thank You

By Susan Duclos

Many different takes on the announcement that all American troops would leave Iraq by the end of the year, so going to provide you with different headlines to read and determine for yourselves if this is good news, a rebuff, a negotiation failure or a boost to Iran.

Whether one agrees with this or doesn't, our military men and women that have sacrificed so much, deserve our gratitude.

New York Times with "Despite Difficult Talks, U.S. and Iraq Had Expected Some American Troops to Stay."

Josh Rogin @ Foreign Policy with "How the Obama administration bungled the Iraq withdrawal negotiations."

Ewen MacAskill @ Guardian with "Iraq rejects US request to maintain bases after troop withdrawal."

Spencer Ackerman @ Danger Room with "The Iraq War Ain't Over, No Matter What Obama Says."

Ben Feller @ ABCNEWS with "Iraq War Over, US Troops Coming Home, Obama Says."

Frederick/Kimberly Kagan @ Weekly Standard with "Retreating With Our Heads Held High."

Patrick Brennan @ NRO's The Corner with "U.S. to Leave Iraq by Year’s End, Despite Suggestions Otherwise."

No matter what the news means, what political ramifications will be felt, what this will or won't do for our International standing and reputation, one this is sure.

Our troops, Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines, those that died, those that were injured and those coming home as well as their families, have served our country and should be thanked for that service.

Although words can not adequately express our gratitude, they should be said anyway....... so, Thank you.

(H/T Memeorandum for the headlines in this post)