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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Obama Thinks Pelosi Was 'One Of The Best' Speakers, American Voters Disagree

By Susan Duclos

Barack Obama seems to make a habit of taking up a position that goes against the majority of American voters and The Hill reports that at the National Italian American Foundation gala after Nancy Pelosi introduced him, he stated "I think Nancy was one of the best Speakers of the House this country ever had."

In March of 2010, while Pelosi was still speaker of the House, a CBS News poll found that she had hit new lows in popularity with Americans where only 11 percent gave her a favorable rating and 37 percent gave her unfavorable ratings. The only person that rated worse than her was Senate majority leader, Harry Reid (D-NV).

That was a year after the debate on Obamacare, a bill Pelosi and Reid jammed through the House and Senate against the opposition of the majority of Americans. A bill that still has over 50 percent of Americans opposing it.

By November 2010, right before the midterm elections that garnered Republicans control of the House of Representatives and a net gain of seats in the Senate, giving Harry Reid less of a majority, Pelosi's popularity had dropped even further according to a Washington Post-ABC News Poll, which found that 58 percent had an unfavorable view of Nancy Pelosi.

Voters toppled House Speaker Nancy Pelosi from power Tuesday, four years after she became the first female speaker in history, handing the majority of the House of Representatives to Republicans in a landslide surpassing the historic election of 1994.

With polls closed but returns in the West still not tallied, Republicans had won 233 seats to the Democrats' 174. Republicans defeated 58 incumbent Democrats, a stunning blow to President Obama and well more than the 39 seats they needed to seize control of the House, walloping Democrats from Florida to Michigan as voter frustration with the anemic economy, near double-digit unemployment and the ballooning federal debt boiled over at the polling booth.

Almost a year later, multiple polls find that Pelosi is still the "most unpopular Congressional leader" with Rasmussen finding 63 percent of likely voters having at least a somewhat unfavorable opinion of her.

Even Democratic pollsters find her disapproval rating at 58 percent.

Obama publicly calling Nancy Pelosi "one of the best Speakers of the House this country ever had," when Americans rated her one of the worst (Gallup), shows a glaring disconnect by Obama from the American public as a whole.

Obama is living in his own little world, his own bubble, creating his own reality which has little if anything in common with the majority of voter's reality and hopefully in November 2012, those same voters will pop that bubble and replace him with anyone but Obama.