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Friday, September 18, 2009

Poll: 48 Percent Against Obamacare With 38 In Favor

Poll findings:

Most Americans see no upside for their family in the health care reforms being considered in Washington and don't believe President Obama when he says his plan won't add "one dime" to the federal deficit. The majority of Americans believe they will have to make changes to their health care coverage if the president's plan is passed.

These are just some of the findings of a new FOX News poll released Thursday.

More Americans would rather Congress do nothing than pass Obama's plan: 46 percent to 37 percent of people polled say they prefer the current health care system to the one the president has proposed.


*48 percent against Obamacare with only 38 in favor

*60 percent believe they will have to make changes to current plan while 22 percent believe they would be better off with reform

*67 percent of Americans believe Obamacare will raise national deficit

*62 percent would rather be insured by private carrier should they get sick with 20 percent favoring government run insurer

*52 percent the public option would put private insurers out of business with only 41 percent disagreeing

*54 percent believe the government should not be able to mandate (force) people to obtain insurance with only 42 percent favoring forcing them to become covered

Full poll results here.

Hot Air points out the make up of those polled, which makes these numbers even worse for Obama and Obamacare:

And now the punchline: The sample was 42% Democrat, 31% Republican, and 21% Independent. Even in a poll where respondents tilt blue, The One can’t do better than negatives across the board.