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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Dowd: She really heard “You lie, boy!”

by Barbara Sowell


I have no doubt that far left New York Times columnist, Maureen Dowd, actually did hear Rep Joe Wilson say, “You lie, boy!” But not everyone agrees and so I’d like to explain why I believe Dowd.

According to NewsRealBlog, Dowd “showed herself to be delusional when she suggested that Congressman Joe Wilson is a racist for calling out the President during the latter’s healthcare speech last Wednesday night.”

Dowd claimed in her New York Times Op-Ed piece this weekend that Joe Wilson was not just saying, “You lie”, but he was actually saying, “You lied, boy!”  She went on to write:

“Some people just can’t believe a black man is president and will never accept it.”

NewsRealBlog pointed out that White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs who was interviewed on CNN’s “State of the Union,” denied that criticism of the President had anything to do with veiled racism.

“I don’t think the President believes that people are upset because of the color of his skin.”

I contend that Dowd was honestly delusional. I’m sure that Dowd was writing from her own truth, as best she knows it. And Dowd’s truth, or Freudian slip, is a masterful case study in liberal guilt.

Any first year psychology student has already learned that those who most often accuse others of some bad deed are usually acting out of a sense of their own guilt. Like most liberal elitists, Dowd can’t get the racist ringing out of her own ears. Dowd probably hears “Boy” whenever any male of color is addressed. And as much as she would deny it, she probably can’t believe a black man is president.

Liberal elites look down from their bespeckled nostrils, much like Charles Gibson upon Sarah Palin, with disdain for people below their self-perceived lofty rank. Yet, at some level, they realize that their own social snobbery is very wrong, and so they do their utmost to unmask this evil by subconsciously projecting it on to those they most despise. And they most despise conservatives – especially their cousins - White conservatives.

Most liberal elites are White and many really do live a life of privilege far removed from the working classes of every race. As a matter of fact, some of the most privileged Whites just happen to be liberals in Congress. It is simply amusing to see the lengths to which Democrats go to portray Republicans as the party of the rich Capitalists, and conservatives as blue-collar southern racists, while at the same time portraying Democrats as the party of the poor and downtrodden. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

Last September 22 RollCall provided a list of the 50 richest members of Congress. Six of the top ten richest were Democrats. Number 1: Sen. John Kerry, Democrat, Massachusetts, with $230.98 million, and number 2: Rep. Jane Harman, Democrat, California, $225.96 million. The top category is those who are worth over $50 million. There were eight members in Congress worth over $50 million. Five out of those eight richest members were Democrats!

Safely ensconced in their gated communities, ocean side compounds, or multimillion dollar vineyards, these liberal elites think that they know what is best for everyone below their rank. But what is best for the liberal elite? Maintaining their own status quo is best for the liberal elite. This is done by demonizing their political opponents through playing the race card, and by creating a sense within themselves that they really are above it all. It’s a full time job.

If they can just keep convincing the proletariat that they are the good guys by devising endless schemes of redistributive social justice - a redistributive justice they will never have to face. . . If they can just keep creating new victims of the evil right and reinforcing a sense of eternal victimization so they can play hero . . .

Unfortunately liberal guilt, like all guilt, has a way of tripping up those most unaware. The more the liberal elite plays the race card, the more those who play it are seen for what they really are. Racists unaware – the most dangerous kind of racists!