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Sunday, September 13, 2009

9/12 Taxpayer Tea Party March on Washington, DC- Video

Linkage on the 9/12 on Washington, via Memeorandum.

Crowd estimates vary depending on the media outlet, but the photos capture one hell of a party.

Malkin has many other photos of the people and the signs at the march.

Mark Hemingway, over at The Corner, was there with a first hand look at the March on Washington:

So many people showed up they couldn't contain everybody in the plaza, so they just started the march early to make room. As for the composition of the crowd, well I personally spoke to people from Ohio, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Idaho, Alaska, Delaware, Tennessee, Nevada, California, Montana, as well as Virginia and Maryland, natch. (And I'm probably forgetting a few.) What also bears noting is that a lot of people came by bus — and of the people that came to the march by bus, alomst all came on privately chartered buses organized by someone they knew. I asked one guy, who came up from South Carolina with 160 people on three buses, who put his trip together. He laughed and said, "My neighbor." Can we drive a stake through the astroturf claim now?

Another interesting detail about the march — it was filled with immigrants. I'm pretty sure every Cuban in a thousand mile radius was there, helpfully explaining to everyone who would listen that Cuba's vaunted free health care system involves shoddily trained doctors and bringing your own linen to the hospital. I also spoke to angry immigrants from England and Ireland, appalled the country was slouching toward socialized medicine.

Read the rest, he has some great photos and interesting observations as well.

More firsthand accounts and photos over at Pajamas Media.

Even more photos of the everyday citizens that marched on Washington yesterday over at Looking at the Left.

One of my favorite photos found at Looking at the Left:

Under the photo it says:

In the very center of the photo, above the Silence is Consent – Can You Hear Us Now sign, you can see Pennsylvania Ave., which at this time is totally blocked with protesters who cannot move forward to the Capitol area. Sorry, full up.

Good question for Obama and our politicians... can you hear us now?