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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Obama Spiraling Down

First Ohio and now this. (H/T Hot Air)

Obama Job Approval Rating Drops Nine Points

Poll Finds Decreased Confidence in Stimulus Spending and Concerns Over Deficit

Double-Digit Increase in Percentage of Voters Saying Country Is On the “Wrong Track”

Interestingly, compared to June, the decrease in Obama’s job approval ratings is being driven primarily by decreases among male voters (-15 points), Independent voters (-15 points), andrural voters (-15 points).

From A Certain Enthusiasm:

I don't know if pushing through a partisan health-care plan is exactly going to woo those independents over to Obama...Karl has some more thoughts on the Obama administration's psychology of passing a health-care bill. In any case, these falling number may provide even more incentive for the administration to try to get a quick vote on a health-care reform bill.

In the previous post, we provided the numbers to call to give support to the Centrists on the House Energy and Commerce Committee, who are already publicly stating they won't support the bad Healthcare bill that Pelosi/Obama and company are trying to shove down our throats and why, so make sure you go make your phone calls, send your faxes and emails.

Do not let up for a second.