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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The More Liberals Throw Hissy Fits, The More Popular Sarah Palin Gets

I have watched the attacks on Sarah palin, her husband and her children since she hit the spotlight when John McCain chose her as his running mate and it has gotten to the point of ridiculously funny.

CNN reports that since announcing her resignation, over $200,000 has been donated to her political action committee, which started in January.

Palin spokeswoman Meg Stapleton confirmed a report in the Anchorage Daily News that more than $200,000 had poured into SarahPAC since Palin's announcement a week and a half ago that she would be leaving office by the end of the month.

Those funds, along with $732,867 received through June 30 according to federal campaign finance filings, leave the governor just shy of a million dollars in donations to date since SarahPAC's January launch.

Stapleton told CNN that the PAC, which supports conservative candidates, had received contributions from more than 11,000 supporters, with the majority of the money coming from outside Alaska.

Anyone that has been following the Sarah palin show can tell you that the more liberals jump on the Palin Bashing Bandwagon, the more popular she seems to become with her base and it grows.

So, being blinded by this support she is receiving, much to do with the liberals constant harassment of her, what do liberals do?

They up the ante and decide to bash some more, therefore making her even more popular.

Never being able to put their blind hatred away and understand they and those like them are actually helping Palin, has decided to freak out and ask for donations to fund a "rapid response" ad to Sarah Palin's op-ed in the Washington Post, calling Obama's cap and trade scheme a "dead end."

Say Anything also points out that liberals, specifically one over at Huffington Post, are having a temper tantrum about the Post publishing an op-ed piece by Sarah Palin. The writer at Say Anything, Pilgrim, calls it "Hilarious."

It is.

My, my, my.

In what is without a doubt the best foot stomping, squealing, hold-your-breath-until-you-turn-purple fit I’ve seen in quite some time, and it’s all because Sarah Palin had the gall to write an op-ed and that the Washington Post had the nerve to publish it. But to set the record straight someone named Art Brodsky, a writer at the Huffington Post is letting us know that, gosh darnit, Sarah Palin just doesn’t have the right to publish that opinion piece in the Washington Post.

Just goes to show, liberals rarely learn a lesson that is obvious to everyone else.

If they stopped making her the main focus and stopped lavishing her with as much attention an d ink as they do, she might not be constantly talked about and wouldn't be in the news as much as she is.

shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, don't tell them.

It is kind of fun watching them create their own nightmares.