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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Obama's Grand Experiment- Obamacare

The RNC is turning up the pressure on Democrats wary of the price tag of the completely unsustainable Obamacare aka healthcare reform that Barack Obama is trying to force Congress to jam through before they take their August vacation.

H/T Top of the Ticket for the RNC video.

Michael Steele at National Press Club, July 20, 2009, just a teaser, read the full remarks at link Top of the Ticket:

President Barack Obama is a good man who cares deeply about this country -- but, he is determined, with an unprecedented single-mindedness -- to transform it into something none of us would recognize.

Candidate Obama promised change. President Obama is conducting an experiment.

He’s conducting a dangerous experiment with our healthcare. He’s conducting a reckless experiment with our economy.

And he’s conducting an unnecessary experiment with our tax dollars -- experiments that will transform the very way of life of our country and its citizens.

The president is rushing this experiment through Congress so fast, so soon, that we haven’t had a moment to think if it would work -- or worse, to think about the consequences to our nation, our economy and our families’ economic future if it doesn’t.

The Barack Obama experiment with America is a risk our country cannot afford. It’s too much, too fast, too soon.

Surveys show that a solid majority of Americans are concerned that President Obama has no strategy to reduce the deficit. Perhaps that is because President Obama’s strategy is to increase the deficit.

In only his first six months, this president’s first budget has sought to take on nearly as much debt as we have taken upon ourselves in the entire history of our country. The deficit for this year alone will be the highest in U.S. history, nearly five times as much as it was just two years ago.

His economic experiments have left all of us, and generations to come, with a staggering bill. And the Obama experiments are not working.

So far, his experiments in that economic laboratory called Congress have simply failed or blown up.

HEH, go Steele!