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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Obama's Numbers Dropping As Public Discovers His Economic Faults

While still high, Obama's approval numbers are dropping and his disapproval numbers are rising and the drop isn't from conservatives or Republicans, it is from Independents and Democrats that are finally seeing his economic plans for what they really are... bad ideas that haven't a chance to work.

CBS News

President Obama's approval rating has fallen six points in the past month, a new CBS News poll finds, amid growing skepticism about his handling of the economy and questions about the impact of the stimulus package.

The president's current approval rating, which is 57 percent, is still relatively high. But it has fallen 11 points from its peak of 68 percent in April, and has also dropped since last month's mark of 63 percent. His disapproval rating, meanwhile, has risen from 23 percent in April to 32 percent today.

The decline in support is coming not from Republicans - whose support for the president has actually risen - but from Democrats and independents. While 82 percent of Democrats still approve of the job Mr. Obama is doing, this number is down ten points from last month.

The president's support among independents has fallen eight points to 50 percent. Only 30 percent of Republicans back Mr. Obama, though that's up from 23 percent in June.

The driving issue behind the president’s decline in approval appears to be the economy. His approval rating on handling the economy is now 48 percent, while 44 percent disapprove. Last month, Americans approved of his handling of this issue by a margin of 22 points.

The optimism over the economy seen in May - when 32 percent said it was getting better and 23 percent said it was getting worse - has dissipated. Now just 21 percent say the economy is improving, while 33 percent say it is getting worse. Forty-five percent say it is staying the same.

The complete PDF poll results are here.

As more people start to realize how bad and faulty Obama's economic plans really are, these numbers will continue to drop. There doesn't seem to be any letup in the downward spiral and with his healthcare costs, his stimulus bill being a complete failure and not accomplishing anything but putting us in more debt and his unrealistic energy plans, his approval ratings are bound to take even bigger hits in the coming months.

Buyers remorse. Too little, too late.