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Monday, July 27, 2009

Another In A series Of Biden's Gaffes A Minute

Joe Biden is just too easy, he is a one man side show.

Bottom line, Biden now claims, via and op-ed in The New York Times, that the stimulus, the $787 billion stimulus, wasn't intended as an immediate "jolt" to our economy.

Hot Air, as well as others, goes back to some of Biden's previous statements and finds direct contradictions as well as Biden trying to rewrite history and reword previous promises.

As for the “jolt,” Jonathan Adler at The Corner and Mark Silva at Swamp Politics note that just a couple of weeks before that, Biden was Joltin’ Joe when it came to the stimulus:

As recently as June, at a roundtable in New York, Biden called the Recovery Act “an initial big jolt to give the economy a real head start.”

In March, the vice president said ”the Recovery Act, as we call it, provides a necessary jolt to our economy to implement what we refer as ’shovel-ready’ projects.”

And in November, as a new White House in planning was assembling its new economic team, President-elect Barack Obama said: “The most important thing to recognize is that we have a consensus, which is pretty rare, between conservative economists and liberal economists, that we need a big stimulus package that will jolt the economy back into shape and that is focused on the 2.5 million jobs that I intend to create during the first part of my administration. We have to put people back to work.”

All of the above links come from the White House web site. Maybe Biden would like to do a little research at the office before attempting to build the next ridiculous cover story for the failure of Obamanomics.

Amazing that the Obama administration would continue to try to rewrite their own words, their own promises and not assume that anyone will do even the slightest amount of research to see and point out how they continually contradict themselves.

At the rate Biden is going, the "Biden's gaffes a minute" might just become a weekly series.