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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Republican's Plan For Job Growth Unveiled: America's Job Creators

The video above is 3:24 minutes long of Majority Leader Eric Cantor discussing the newly unveiled "America's Job Creators".

A one page summary can be found here and the ten page PDF showing the whole plan with problems and solutions and backgrounds listed can be found here.

The areas the plan focuses on are to; Empower Small Business Owners and Reduce Regulatory Burdens, Fix the Tax Code to Help Job Creators, Increase Competitiveness for American Manufacturers, Encourage Entrepreneurship and Growth, Maximize Domestic Energy Production to Ensure An Energy Policy for the Twenty-First Century and Pay Down America’s Unsustainable Debt Burden and Start Living Within Our Means.

Other problems listed with solutions are: Visa System For Highly Skilled and FDA Product Approval Process.

Read the plan, the problems and the proposed solutions for yourself to determine your own opinion on whether you believe these are addressing the issues preventing job growth and if you think the solutions will help solve those issues to create more jobs.

Unemployment is at nine percent and that is the official number which excludes people able and willing to work but have not actively sought a job in the four weeks prior to the survey (2.5 million), the real number is far above that, and reports from CNBC today show that jobless claims are continuing to rise and Reuters reports corporate profits are falling.

As I said, read the summary, delve into the ten page plan, decide for yourself. Don't let media spin, one way or the other, or your favorite blogger or pundit tell you whether it is good or not.

PS- On a personal note, I think it is a good start to addressing job growth, but I would ask that my opinion, nor anyone elses, replace your judgment.