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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Dear Blogger, Help Please

As many know blogger went down for a couple of days last week after maintenance. Blogger updated users, rolled back the maintenance and removed many blogger's posts promising to restore them as soon as possible.

Free service, they worked round the clock to fix the problem, many of us said thanks, while others ran into issues that were beyond frustrating. Each had their own experience, some good, some bad, some really bad.

I woke up yesterday to find a two missing posts kinda, sorta restored, they were there, listed as a drafts with the date of restoration instead of the dates originally published.

Problem was one of them hadn't been removed at all during the technical problems last week and one was removed, yet both were set as drafts as if they were never published.

Ok, no problem right? Just look through published pieces and if the title is there, delete the new draft and if it isn't, check to make sure it is all there and just hit publish (even if the story is now days late)

Until this morning when I look and see eight freaking drafts by different authors.

All that above could have actually been written in one simple sentence.

Blogger, we are still having problems, please address them without giving us more problems.


Susan Duclos