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Friday, May 13, 2011

Over 1,900+ Sign Up for Defeat Obama RadioThon on Facebook

Via email from the Campaign To Defeat Obama:

My fellow American patriots, I am very excited! I just learned that we've now surpassed 1,500+ people "Attending" our upcoming "Defeat Barack Obama RadioThon" - just on Facebook alone. When you consider all the promotion we're doing for this event, it appears we'll have hundreds of thousands of people tuning in over the airwaves and online to hear national conservative leaders rallying Americans together to ensure our campaign to Defeat Barack Obama is victorious!

We've got just one-week to get the word out to everyone we can. Please help us spread word about this truly historic broadcast by going to our Facebook Event page and clicking "Attend" on this page and then most importantly click the button that says "+Select Guests to Invite" and invite all your friends and fellow patriots:

We're trying to make this one of the biggest broadcasting events in recent radio history - the program will air nationally, originating from powerhouse station, KDWN 720 AM in Las Vegas, and streaming across America online at:

Again, we've set up an Event Page on Facebook where we'll be posting all the updates and details on this special event. Please go there, click your attendance. You can also invite your friends too:!/event.php?eid=207710802593570

More info and updates from the Facebook page:

UPDATE: GOP Presidential candidates will be among the on-air guests!

Join The Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama Thursday, May 19th for a special 3-hour RadioThon featuring conservative leaders from across the country as we rally support for the campaign to Defeat Barack Obama once and for all.

The show will be broadcast live nationwide on Thursday, May 19th (6:00PM – 9:00PM Pacific // 9:00PM – 12 Midnight Eastern), originating from Las Vegas News/Talk radio giant KDWN 720 AM and streamed online at

The program will be hosted by Melanie Morgan (nationally acclaimed radio and television personality), Lloyd Marcus (Vice Chairman of The Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama and a popular conservative singer/songwriter) and Amy Kremer (Chairman of the Tea Party Express).

Since every speech and appearance by Obama since his announcement that he would run for reelection has been a campaign speech, the campaign to defeat him in 2012 starts now as well.