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Friday, April 15, 2011

Final Count Prosser Wins WI Supreme Court Election

Fox reports:

Results from Wisconsin counties show a conservative state Supreme Court justice has won re-election in a race seen as a referendum on Republican Gov. Scott Walker's divisive union rights law.

County tallies show Justice David Prosser defeated JoAnne Kloppenburg by 7,316 votes.

State election officials must review those numbers before declaring an official winner. They say they won't start that process until Kloppenburg has a chance to request a recount. She has until Wednesday.

[Update] More from the AP who titled their article with "Prosser Declared Winner In Supreme Court Race."

[Update #2] Prosser campaign declares victory now that canvass is done (at least he waited for the actual results unlike Kloppenburg who tried to declare victory with only 204 vote lead before canvassing was even started!!).

A spokesman for Justice David Prosser this afternoon declared victory this afternoon, saying the "will of the electorate is clear" with the final canvass now in.

"Justice Prosser extends his appreciation and respect to Joanne Kloppenburg and her spirited campaign," Brian Nemoir said. "With certified results in-hand, Justice Prosser hopes that a shared respect for the judiciary allows the campaign to move to a positive conclusion."

Nemoir said Prosser looks forward to thanking voters and expects to make a public address soon.