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Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Great Pretender

Let's face it, people, were are in deep trouble in this country. The country is bankrupt in all but name and most of our politicians are trying to pretend that this is not that big of a problem. The plans put forth by Obama and the Republicans do not come close to dealing with the huge mountain of debt that can never be repaid without resorting to hyperinflation that will finish us off as first world or even a second world country. Not only that but there is no one who seems to have a clue of how to go about fixing all of this in time to save us. Many of us are wondering how the heck did we ever get into this mess?

Of course, it does not help matters any that we have a clueless affirmative action Peter Principled party animal in an empty suit running the country. That is not say that McCain would have been much better but we do have to face reality. Obama could not successfully run a lemonade stand without a government subsidy and probably not even then. His answer to the fiscal crisis is to spend even more money that we do not have. You do not need a doctorate in economics to know that this is totally insane. The only people in this country who will not now admit how incompetent Obama is are the 27% of the individuals who are self described liberals and hence have ideological blinders on and those who are on the government dole. Unfortunately, that describes half the people in this country.

Whatever possessed us to elect this totally unqualified individual to the Presidency? As the saying goes, therein lies a tale and a totally mind boggling one at that. It is now obvious that Obama is not competent enough to have figured out on his own how to become President when he was a total unknown before meeting a small group of extremely dangerous individuals back prior to 1994. Before you go off into wild conspiracy theories about how George Soros was behind this, consider the known facts. There were two married couples active back in the early nineties in Chicago that should have been on the FBI surveillance radar but apparently were not. They were Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn as one couple and Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven as the other one.

In any sensible country the first two should have been executed for sedition a long time ago but then we stopped being a sensible country fifty years ago. What these two couples had in common is that they detested America and everything it stands for and were determined to tear it down and replace it with Marxist socialist state. Ayers and Dohrn had long since learned that violently attacking our government was a lost cause and that they needed a whole new approach. Along with Cloward and Piven, they studied America's weaknesses to see how they could be properly exploited to achieve their ends.

They quickly seized on the idea of how the collective white guilt about the shameful treatment of our black citizens for most of our history was such a weakness but they needed a black individual to serve as their front man. They considered Jesse Jackson who they knew well but he was clearly a race baiter and that would never work. When they met Obama they were pretty sure they had found the right man but they needed to gain Obama some national recognition that would push the white guilt buttons. A biography about Obama's struggle with race relations would fit the bill nicely but Obama was not much of a writer so Ayers had to help him out. The next step was to get him elected to public office.

Fate smiled on them when an Illinois State Senator named Alice Palmer decided to run for Congress in 1995. They persuaded her to back Obama to replace her. Their plan became threatened when Palmer lost in the Democrat primary and decided to run for her old seat after all. Given their history it is no surprise that this group would resort to political dirty tricks that would shame Richard Nixon to further their plans. They repaid Palmer for endorsing Obama by having not only her nominating petitions thrown out as invalid but those of every other candidate thrown out as well. Thus Obama walked into his first political office totally unopposed.

The next step was to get Obama elected to the U. S. Senate but a bunch of millionaires also had the same idea. Reaching into their dirty tricks bag, the Obama group uncovered dirty laundry in supposedly sealed records of some of those candidates and by releasing them at the appropriate time, destroyed their candidacies and Obama once again had a cake walk into another office. Next they got some supporters to convince the officials at the Democrat National Committee to make Obama a keynote speaker at the 2004 Democrat National Convention. They generated some mass media feeds about how Obama was a real up and coming black man and sat back to wait for 2008.

Right from the beginning they knew that the only real obstacle on the Democrat side was Hillary Clinton. How do you attack the wife of your previous President? That was where Obama's skin color really paid off. The Obama folks let everyone know that any real criticism of their candidate would be met with cries of racism. When the Clintons started to bore in on Obama, the racist meme was trotted out in full force. The Clintons could hardly say anything when black adults are the Democrats' most monolithic voting block. That is not true of Republicans who do not get enough black votes to bother about but after seeing what happened to Hillary, the McCain folks abandoned all of their ammunition regarding the truly horrendous associations of Obama to people like their main sponsors. Ayers, Wright and the rest of the gang just denied any real ties to Obama and the McCain folks did not call them on it.

Add in the financial crash of September 2008 and McCain agreeing to the first stimulus package which a majority of the public did not want and Obama waltzed into the White House in a lark. There was still one huge problem confronting the plotters behind Obama and that was that Obama was not a natural born citizen as required by the Constitution. While Obama probably was born in Hawaii, his father was a British and/or Kenyan citizen and since both his parents were not United States citizens, he was not a natural born citizen. The Obama brain trust knew all along that if the matter of what exactly constitutes a natural born citizen ever got to court, there was a real chance that Obama would be disqualified.

Their brilliant solution to the problem was to run a bait and switch scheme to make sure that the case never got to court. All they needed to do was to get the opposition haring after a problem they could defeat in court so they leaked the idea that Obama was born in Kenya. The opposition took the bait and went off chasing the rainbow of an alien President. As a result the natural born part was virtually ignored. The Obama brain trust adamantly refused to provide a copy of the long form birth certificate if there even is one and instead gave a copy of a Certificate of Live Birth to a sympathetic source that reeked of being fabricated. They then stonewalled like mad until Obama had been inaugurated knowing that after Gore vs. Bush and the uproar that caused, there was no way the U. S. Supreme Court would ever disqualify a sitting President. If some court did actually insist on a copy of the "official" birth certificate, they could reluctantly release it knowing that it stated that Obama was born in Hawaii and leaving their opposition with a whole omelet on their faces.

Who would have believed that any group of people could pull off the greatest scam in modern history? Add in the fact that this group never made any secret of what kind of an America they wanted to install and you have to wonder how they ever got away with this. One answer is that our supposedly ever vigilant media was totally in the tank for Obama but that still does not explain why so many Americans were taken in by this unbelievable con game. Why didn't alarm bells ring much more loudly than they did? Another part of the answer is that the McCain folks were totally intimidated by the race issue. In the end though, the real answer was the weakness that Gang of Four first spotted and exploited. Too many Americans were bound and determined to prove that America is not a racist country by electing a black person President before ever electing a female one. Who would have believed that fifty years ago? To accomplish that goal they elected a man who could not have gotten elected national dog catcher if his skin had been white instead.