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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Video- Sarah Palin Defends Donald Trump Against Media

Short video of Sarah Palin making the point I made the other day about media outlets specifically asking Donald Trump the Obama birth certificate then using his responses to those inquiries to claim it is Trump pushing the issue.



"Donald Trump is the one really being treated unfairly, I'd say though, in the press when their hammering him about about the one issue that he has brought up and not been shy about — that's the birth certificate. ... He's answering reporters' questions about his view on the birth certificate. And reporters turn that around and say that's all he's got.

That's not the case, Trump is running on the issue, bottom line, that President Obama is in so far over his head."

Good for Palin, one never shy about calling the media out on their behavior.

The Politico:

The former Alaska governor also credited Trump with speaking to tea party activists (he attended a tax day tea party rally in Florida last weekend). And when she mapped out the kind of candidate she’d like to see campaigning for president in 2012 — without saying if she’s leaning toward a run — Trump seemed to fit her requirements.

“We need to fight so hard going into 2012 to get somebody elected who has executive experience — who hasn't been part of this herd mentality of trying to manage the public,” Palin said.

Trump has responded to questions about Palin in the past by calling her an "amazing woman" so they both seem to have a healthy respect for each other and it is no wonder.

Both are outspoken, both have had the liberal blogosphere go all out to rip them to shreds time and time again and both have liberal's heads spinning around on their shoulders like Linda Blair in the Exorcist (yes I am dating myself there).

They both must be doing something right!!