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Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Expert: “High Risk” Of Nuclear Holocaust - Fukushima (Videos)

By Susan Duclos

More dire warnings and bad news regarding the Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan which was crippled from the 2011 great earthquake and tsunami and has been leaking radiation which has been sending plumes of death across the Pacific to the West coast of the United States as well as dumping hundreds of tons of radioactive water into the Pacific ocean on a daily basis.

Via ENENews, a couple of headlines pretty much say it all.

Risk Expert: “High risk” of nuclear holocaust at Fukushima — Plant to keep emitting radioactive materials “for a thousand years or so

Interview with Dr. Charles Perrow, professor emeritus at Yale University, shown below, key quotes come at the 46:30 minute mark and the 54:15 minutes mark.

It is still emitting radioactive materials [to the atmosphere] […] not in a gigantic form, but it’s going to keep emitting that for a thousand years or so. I think the only thing they can do with it is cover it over with cement like they did at Chernboyl. 
Q: Are we literally on the verge of seeing Japan ceasing to exist as a nation — Is it this serious? A: If we have a serious accident […] or a serious earthquake, yes. The chances are we will get through it. I don’t think that it’s guaranteed that there’s going to be a nuclear holocaust from these events — but there is a high risk.

Second headline shown below.

Study: Those lacking wisdom expected Fukushima plume to disperse before hitting West Coast — In reality “sharp features” were detected even after several days travel"

Below was a live event starting at 10pm ET, with BeautifulGirlByDana, it is interactive where commenters can go to the YouTube URL and type in comments or questions and discuss Fukushima with the topic of the day being "Should Japan Kill Indian Ocean or South Pacific Ocean After North Pacific Dies"

When the live event ends, the video of this event will be able to be played as a video.

Via the video details:

Now that the pacific ocean is lost to perpetual radiation fallout what ocean will fall next . Seeming as Japan has decided it is going to hide everything it can from the world should we hold their leaders for war crimes . They are a signature democratic county that is gone rouge against earth itself and all forms of life on it . We have to rise to this threat against earth and humanity before we pass the point of no return that has already passed for the north pacific ocean . We have no option but to set our resolve to autopilot and become more informed and more articulate to the point where our knowledge destroys their narrative in every chat room , on every Radio broadcast and every media outlet we will stomp Japan into the dirt relentlessly because out very lives depend on it . Song
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