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Monday, September 09, 2013

Ex-CIA Analyst: Beware Of False Flag Attack Blamed On Syria Or Iran To Start War (Video)

By Susan Duclos

When  the term false flag is used from an anonymous source, or news reports quoting unnamed sources, or from conspiracy theorists, while some make sense and others are simply "out there", they are all taken with a grain of salt, but when it is an ex-CIA analyst using the term, someone that has seen false flags and most probably has been a part of creating them in the past, it is worth listening to.

In the video below, former-CIA analyst Ray McGovern, discusses the situation in Syria and the war drums being constantly beaten on by Barack Obama, John Kerry and other U.S. officials and refers to Obama's "classified" data that he won't share but instead expects the public to "trust him."

McGovern says that after the NSA scandal and the head of intelligence lying under oath, saying the words trust me is "chutzpah on steroids," and suggests Obama have his so-called proof declassified and show it.

Then comes McGovern's false flag warning where he says because it is likely Congress will not approve a military strike on Syria the "danger" and what to "beware of," and to "be on the lookout for," is a false flag attack, maybe on one of our U.S. destroyers, with the Obama administration instantly casting blame on Syria or Iran in order to justify a war.

Earlier RT reported sources were telling them that the Obama Syrian rebels were going to chemically attack Israel, from Assad territory, in a false flag attack.

With these warnings, both of false flag attacks to justify an attack on Syria, isn't a little coincidental that today, after weeks of pounding the war drums, Barack Obama suddenly capitulates and backs away from his "red line," and claims "We will pursue this diplomatic track. I fervently hope that this can be resolved in a non-military way?"

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