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Monday, September 09, 2013

Syria Agrees To Russia's Proposal To Put Chemical Weapons Under International Control (Video)

By Susan Duclos

The big news is that Syria has agreed and welcomed Russia's proposal that all Syria's chemical weapon be put under international control.

The twist is that Secretary of State John Kerry has threatened Syria to do just that, giving him a week to do so, or face attack, but according to the video report below, the US State Department has since issued an apparent retraction, saying it wasn't a genuine offer.

Confirmation of Kerry's initial offer comes from multiple reports, one of which The Guardian, shown below:

The US secretary of state has said that President Bashar al-Assad has one week to hand over his entire stock of chemical weapons to avoid a military attack. But John Kerry added that he had no expectation that the Syrian leader would comply.

A couple paragraphs later in the article, is where it is explained the offer wasn't a real offer:

The US state department stressed that Kerry was making a rhetorical argument about the one-week deadline and unlikelihood of Assad turning over Syria's chemical weapons stockpile. In a statement, the department added: "His point was that this brutal dictator with a history of playing fast and loose with the facts cannot be trusted to turn over chemical weapons, otherwise he would have done so long ago. That's why the world faces this moment."

 It is a strange day when it is Russia that is able to facilitate a deal that would stop what could escalate into  World War 3, Barack Obama continues to beat the drums of war, with plans to go on multiple television interviews to convince the American people that war with Syria is a good idea.

If World War 3 is averted, it will be because of Russian President Vladimir Putin, despite Obama's best efforts to create a regional war.

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