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Saturday, September 07, 2013

CNN Airs Horrifying, Graphic Videos of Syrian Chemical Attack (Video)

By Susan Duclos

CNN has aired clips of horrifying graphic videos that were shown to members of the Senate by the Obama administration in an attempt to convince them to approve a strike against the Syrian government.

It is agreed the images are hauntingly graphic, children gassed, possibly dying, some showing victims convulsing with symptoms that are confirmed to be those of a Sarin gas attack.

The problem with these being used to bolsters Obama's "strike Syria" position is that there is no dispute that gas attacks occurred in Syria, but these do nothing but play on emotions without evidence to support Obama's assertion that it was the Assad regime that used the chemicals, which is in dispute as video evidence mounts showing that the Obama backed Syrian rebels were the ones that used chemicals against innocents in Syria.

[Update] Other evidence that points to the rebels and a false flag attack, used by the Obama administration to justify an attack on the Syrian leadership includes the following from RINF, regarding the videos the U.S. is using as proof:

Allied services all refer to videos. So, the Americans have collected a hundred on YouTube, while the French have only found 47. Washington and Paris consider them all as authentic. However, some of them were posted at 7:00 am, Damascus time (which explains why they are dated August 20th on YouTube, which is based in California), but with an almost midday sun, which implies they were filmed in advance.

WARNING- The clips shown by CNN in the video below, are graphic, disturbing, even horrifying.

Obama backed rebels firing chemical weapons

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