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Tuesday, March 08, 2011

The Phenomenal Charlie Sheen

Advice to Charlie sheen- Don't listen to no stinkin' advice.

Charlie Sheen has been in the news, it seems like forever, from his marriages to his divorces, from his movies to his number one sit-com show "Two and a Half Men" where he was the top paid actor in television.

The guy is a one man phenomenon and CBS and Warner Brothers truly should have just let him be as long as he was showing up for production days and the show stayed on top.

Face it, the character he played..... was himself, not only that, but the show wouldn't have had it's first season without him.

Ironically, Two and a Half Men exists because of Sheen. The project only made it to pilot because Sheen agreed to do it -- CBS boss Moonves had made the pilot order contingent on Sheen, so the comedy wouldn't have proceeded beyond a script without the actor.

Latest news is that Warner Bros. TV has officially fired Charlie Sheen from "Two and a Half Men" and Sheen is vowing to sue. Lawyers are all involved, letters have been sent and like a train wreck, the world is watching, unable to take their eyes off of the unfolding events.

Sheen took to Twitter and immediately broke all records by being followed by his first million twitter followers within 24 hours and now, as of this very moment, that number is up to 2,232,887.

TeamSheen is actively looking for a social media intern and even sets up a page for people to apply, found here.

Billionaire Mark Cuban, owner of Dallas Mavericks and owner HDNet TV channel has been brainstorming with Sheen about a project.

Every network has capitalized with stories, articles and exclusive interviews with Sheen himself, so who exactly is the winner and who is the loser here?

Sheen is outrageous, loud, in some cases deliberately obnoxious but the bottom line is he has become a phenomenon and everyone is cashing in, including Sheen himself.

Everybody except CBS and Warner Brothers TV that is.

Jeralyn, over at Talk Left wrote something that hits the nail on the head:

Sheen really can't do anything but win, because of the business story behind all this. The media -- from the Wall St. Journal on down -- will follow his eventual settlement with CBS. Then there's the story of his single-handedly and overnight breaking all records on Twitter, and eliminating the need for networks, agents and publicists by self-broadcasting on the internet. Sheen is more popular now than ever. Which means, he'll return to the airwaves earning even more money. As for the worst that will befall him, Blair writes "he'll be the next Hugh Hefner with his House of Goddesses."

Proof is in the pudding as they say and doing a few searches I see Charlie Sheen Teeshirts, bumper stickers, cups, etc...

Consider this.

I started writing this 30 minutes ago and he had 2,232,887 Twitter followers, 30 minutes later he now has 2,240,700 followers in the time it took to write this.

Like I said, Sheen is now a phenomenon.

The Phenomenal Charlie Sheen has a ring to it, doesn't it Charlie?