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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tribute To Michael Jackson

I will not link to the stories floating out there about how Michael Jackson died, what he looked like, his troubles, his suffering.... that is not what I choose to remember about Michael Jackson.

I choose to remember the boy I grew up watching and listening to, the King of Pop, the man who gave inspiration to thousands of entertainers, the man who gave us some of the finest music and songs ever created and performed.

The entertainer.

This is who I choose to remember.

For those that wish to focus on everything but what he would have wanted people to focus on..... the hell with you.

Join me in remembering Michael Jackson, the king of pop, the entertainer, the ultimate performer.

The video below is how I choose to remember Michael Jackson: (Motown 25 Live)

Billie Jean, the video:

Michael Jackson - Black or White (Live):

Michael Jackson - Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough:

Michael Jackson - Man In The Mirror:

Michael Jackson - Thriller live (1987):

Remember him for what he gave the world, what he gave each of us individually by way of enjoyment and entertainment.

Visit the official Michael Jackson YouTube channel to see the original music videos and remember the man, the heart of him, the king of pop.


RIP Michael.