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Friday, June 05, 2009

Dick Cheney Was Right- Interrogation Investigation


Back to that can of worms Barack Obama opened when he decided to release classified, now unclassified, "portions" of legal opinion memos regarding the use of EIT's (Enhanced Interrogation Techniques.)

Congressional Democrats and Republicans on the House Intelligence Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations Comittee, decided to have a hearing on the topic and it has quickly blown right up, in the Democratic politician's faces.

The Hill:

Republicans ignited a firestorm of controversy on Thursday by revealing some of what they had been told at a closed-door Intelligence Committee hearing on the interrogation of terrorism suspects.

Democrats immediately blasted the GOP lawmakers for publicly discussing classified information, while Republicans said Democrats are trying to hide the truth that enhanced interrogation of detainees is effective.

GOP members on the Intelligence Committee on Thursday told The Hill in on-the-record interviews that they were informed that the controversial methods have led to information that prevented terrorist attacks.

When word spread, Democrats immediately denounced their GOP counterparts for discussing the hearing, trying to distract from the information obtained.

Despite the weeks-long furor over how the CIA came to use enhanced interrogation techniques, and what members of Congress were told about their development and implementation, the committee’s first hearing on the issue during the 111th Congress almost came and went without notice. The hearing was announced publicly but was not open to the public.

According to Republicans, that was by design.

“Democrats weren’t sure what they were going to get,” said Rep. Pete Hoekstra (Mich.), ranking Republican on the Intelligence panel, referring to information on the merits of enhanced interrogation techniques. “Now that they know what they’ve got, they don’t want to talk about it.”

Read the whole thing.

Although this is a serious topic and National Security is not a laughing matter, one has to get a bit of amusement at the far left's reaction to one clear point.

Dick Cheney was right.

I wonder how many heads will explode across the blogosphere with that little tidbit.