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Sunday, December 18, 2016

This Is How They Could Bring The Whole Thing Crashing Down! White House Goes Batsh*t Crazy, Blames Hillary's Emails And Election Loss On The Mainstream Media As War Upon Truth Reaches Final Stages

By Stefan Stanford - All News PipeLine

With parts of the completely-controlled mainstream media being brought on to assist the globalists and Facebook to 'label' what is 'fake' news and what is 'real' news, the very short 2 minute 40 second video directly below PROVES to all of us beyond a doubt EXACTLY which media outlets are completely controlled.

Whether ABC or CBS or NBC or CNN or MSNBC, mainstream media long ago went the way of China and official government censorship, selling their souls to the devil while committing very real treason against the American people. And as we see in this short video clip, there is NO 'independence' in the corporate controlled media - they all have one script and one purpose from one ruling power. How far does this brainwashing go?

First, if you haven't seen it yet, let's take a look at this video that came out last Christmas season and should be fatal to the MSM and their claims of being 'independent'. Much more below including a look at more evidence that has emerged in the last few days that one day soon, we may wake up and find that, the Drudge Report, Infowars, Zero Hedge, SHTFPlan and all of our other favorite INDEPENDENT news media outlets are no longer online.

We also take a look below at a new video proving the White House has gone insane as they actually blame the MSM for Hillary's emails and Hillary losing the election, calling some of the MSM an 'intelligence arm of the Russians'. As the Fox news host tells us, what we're seeing coming from the WH is absolutely pathetic. And as Julian Assange tells Sean Hannity in the final video below, Assange's first interview in a very long time, the 'mainstream news media' has become increasingly unimportant with the rise of independent news outlets as it becomes more evident that independent and truthful news has put the MSM and the globalists in a very bad position.

"It's really OK... they can admit it... they can admit they sold their souls to satan while defecating all over the American people..."

With the video above proving beyond a shadow-of-a-doubt that all of the mainstream media has one 'master' and they all use the same talking points, damn the American people and the truth, we take a look at all of the emerging evidence that has come out over the last few days that the globalists (who long ago took over American media) are preparing to shut down the 'real media', the completely independent media, what many call 'alternative news'. In their sudden desperation to complete their overthrow of our country before Donald Trump gets into office, will such globalist insanity lead to civil war as Mike Adams reports in this new story at Natural News? If so, it's clear the sides are being drawn.

As Infowars recently reported, the US Senate has actually voted to legitimize CIA propaganda while providing them with ways to combat 'the real media' that we get every day from most 'independent' news outlets. Barrelling headfirst into totalitarianism and tyranny with government controlled news the only news 'allowed', it's so easy to see that our government and so-called leaders are quickly attempting to take us the way of China and total censorship.

 According to the new story from Reuters, China has been 'taking action' against thousands of websites for what they call 'harmful' or 'obscene' content. Either 'shutting down' or 'dealing with' thousands of websites since April, more than 3 million 'harmful posts' have been deleted since then and 2,500 websites 'prosecuted' in a drive to 'purify' the internet in China. Tightenting its grip upon cyber space, the state of China has a 0 tolerance policy and as Reuters reports, 2 news websites have been among those that have been shut down.

As DW recently asked, is the outright criminalization of 'fake news' the way to go? If so, who gets to determine what is 'fake news' from what is 'real news'? For example, should Barack Obama be able to call a recent news report released by Sheriff Joe Arpaio that Obama's birth certificate is FAKE 'FAKE news'? You be the judge of that one in the next video below. Should Hillary Clinton be allowed to say that Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard's recent STOP ARMING TERRORISTS bill in Congress is 'fake news'? REMEMBER! The wacky left-wing website Snopes is running 'cover up' on the US government selling weapons to terrorists but now, Facebook wants to use Snopes for 'fact checking'! Should Americans allow those who are completely corrupt, such as Snopes which is run by the CIA according to Wayne Madsen, determine truth from falsehood?

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