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Monday, February 23, 2015

February 28th ISIS Warning Goes Out - International Day Of Blood Will See Blood Running In The Streets Of America

By Stefan Stanford, via All News PipeLine

With the Islamic State conducting a 'blitzkrieg' virtually unopposed, Michael Savage warns us of the date of February 28, 2015 in the 2nd video below where he reads to us an email from a former high ranking US military insider of what is being called an 'international day of blood'. Telling us that there will be blood running in the streets and that things are about to get very ugly around the world and here in America (warning given to Fox news to increase protection), we're told it's going to get 'much more interesting very shortly'.

"They are getting closer and closer to fulfilling their strategic objectives here in's amazing to watch this unfold...who would believe we would ever be here? I'm afraid this war is not going to end without a massive amount of killing...far more than most Americans would like to believe." Finally, Savage declares the most important line: "The entire enemy strategy depends on us accepting them as who they are."

All News Pipeline friend Nate B aka Freedom Fighter Reports shares with us Savages warning in the 1st video, also touching upon the unfolding situation in the Ukraine where Ukraine is preparing for full scale war, while in the 2nd video, Savage first mentions this email at the 22 minute mark and goes on for 3 minutes about it then continues at the 37:50 mark to read the email in detail. Please leave your thoughts on this in the comments below.