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Monday, February 02, 2015

"There Won't Be Anything Left" - Paul Craig Roberts - US Policy A "Reckless And Very Dangerous" March To WW3

By Susan Duclos, via All News PipeLine

Former Assistant Secretary of Treasury, Paul Craig Roberts, joins TheLip TV for an interview that must be seen to understand the "March to WW3," which US policy towards Russia is driving the world to, where he asserts the people in charge are making decisions that are "reckless and very dangerous," as he informs us of events that the "useless" American media refuses to report.

After a brief explanation as to why these very dangerous decisions are being made, Roberts tells us what led the world to the position we find ourselves now where the decision makers refuse to back down after their actions in Ukraine backfired and calls the people in charge "irrational," in their desire to remove Russia from a position where it can be a "constraint" on Washington's agenda.

Roberts also details the purpose of the sanctions against Russia, which isn't to "punish" them for their Ukraine response but was meant to divide them from their allies in Europe, which again backfired as Russia then aligned politically, economically, and militarily with China, calling the wests' actions an "overreach."

Around the middle of the interview Roberts drops the bombshell pointing out what should be obvious, if the MSM was doing their jobs of informing the populace, which is there are now three countries involved that are "heavily" armed with nuclear weapons and we are being pushed into nuclear war where the "whole world loses," because once started "there won't be anything left."

A must-see interview.