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Friday, February 20, 2015

ANP Hot News.....Around the Web

By Susan Duclos

Links to Hot News.... Around the Web, via All News PipeLine

Obamacare Chaos: Feds Botch 800,000 Tax Forms
4 Cities Set All-Time Record Lows

L.A.: 179 Patients Possibly Exposed To 'Superbug'
Medically Mutilated By Vaccines
Greece On The Brink Of Exiting EU

Greek Bank Runs - Depositors Worried
The Global Death Cross Just Got "Deathier"

Study: Airborne Transmission Of Ebola Is ‘Very Likely'

Ron Paul Predicts "Defacto Secession Movement"

WH Extremism Summit Opens With Muslim Prayer!

Mark Cuban: Internet Rules Will "F" Everything Up

Feds "Losing Track" Of Illegals

Anti-Semitic, Pro-ISIS Graffiti Plagues DC
Italy Prepares For ISIS Strike By Air

Latest Surge of Arctic Air to Freeze Eastern Half of US

U.S. Won’t Back Egypt’s Attacks on ISIS

Veterans Struggle With New Pain Meds Regulations

Summit: Obama Refuses To acknowledge ‘Muslim Terrorists’ 

Two More Systems May Add to Snow, Ice Fatigue

Massive PA Fireball Captured On NASA Cameras

Fire Chief Terminated Because Of Christian Faith

ISIS Funding Operations By Harvesting Organs

Obama Defends The "True Peaceful Nature Of Islam"

Sinkhole Swallows Snowplow

More Arctic Blasts Set For East

Jihadists On "Brutal And Abnormal" Sex Binge

Lawmakers Urge Archbishop to Remove Morality Clauses

Gov't study: JPMorgan Tops List Of Risky Banks
Low Oil Prices Could Start World War III
Putin: West Already Delivering Weapons To Kiev

ISIS Burns 45 To Death In Iraq

Italy Fears ISIS Invasion

DHS Suspends Obama Order To Delay Deportations