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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

It’s “Bad And Getting Worse” – IPPNW Report

By Susan Duclos

 The United Nations has been busted for a study that contained critical flaws, major discrepancies, omitted critical information, downplayed events, misrepresented data, making inept comparisons and completely unwarranted conclusions, in order to hide information from the public.

 All of the aforementioned details were released in a June report by The International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War, in a 27-page “Critical Analysis of the UNSCEAR Report ‘Levels and effects of radiation exposures due to the nuclear accident after the 2011 Great East-Japan Earthquake and tsunami.’”

 UNSCEAR stands for the "United Nations Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation."

 The ten major flaws are listed and detailed in full at "Fukushima: Bad And Getting Worse," but I will provide short bullet points below.

• The total amount of radioactivity released by the disaster was underestimated by UNSCEAR and its estimate was based on disreputable sources of information. UNSCEAR ignored 3.5 years of nonstop emissions of radioactive materials “that continue unabated,” and only dealt with releases during the first weeks of the disaster.

• Internal radiation taken up with food and drink “significantly influences the total radiation dose an individual is exposed to,” the doctors note, and their critique warns pointedly, “UNSCEAR uses as its one and only source, the still unpublished database of the International Atomic Energy Association and the Food and Agriculture Organization.

• To gauge radiation doses endured by over 24,000 workers on site at Fukushima, UNSCEAR relied solely on figures from Tokyo Electric Power Co., the severely compromised owners of the destroyed reactors.

• The UNSCEAR report disregards current scientific fieldwork on actual radiation effects on plant and animal populations.

• The special vulnerability of the embryo and fetus to radiation was completely discounted by the UNSCEAR, the physicians note. UNSCEAR shockingly said that doses to the fetus or breast-fed infants “would have been similar to those of other age groups,” a claim that, the IPPNW says, “goes against basic principles of neonatal physiology and radiobiology.”

• Non-cancerous diseases associated with radiation doses — such as cardiovascular diseases, endocrinological and gastrointestinal disorders, infertility, genetic mutations in offspring and miscarriages — have been documented in medical journals, but ate totally dismissed by the UNSCEAR.

• The UNSCEAR report downplays the health impact of low-doses of radiation by misleadingly comparing radioactive fallout to “annual background exposure.”

• Although UNSCEAR’s April 2 Press Release and Executive Summary give the direct and mistaken impression that there will be no radiation health effects from Fukushima, the report itself states that the Committee “does not rule out the possibility of future excess cases or disregard the suffering associated…”

• UNSCEAR often praises the protective measures taken by Japanese authorities, but the IPPNW finds it “odd that a scientific body like UNSCEAR would turn a blind eye to the many grave mistakes of the Japanese disaster management…”

• The UNSCEAR report lists “collective” radiation doses “but does not explain the expected cancer cases that would result from these doses.”

Get the full details of each bullet point listed above HERE.

 The videos below provide recent news of Fukushima, news the MSM is barely reporting on anymore.... readers can decide for themselves why.

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