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Friday, July 04, 2014

Diabolical Plan To Collapse America Exposed!

By Susan Duclos

Alex Jones goes over the breaking news of the day but the headline topic is discussed by Professor Darrell Hamomoto who is a Doctor of Sociology as he and Alex talk about "continued attacks on freedom by the current establishment including the confiscation of guns, the abuse by and militarization of police and the intentional crash of the American system by the current waves of immigrants pouring over the Southern US Border."

Dr. Hammomoto exposes the social scientists and the practice of controlling behaviors, by compiling information gathered during World War II, to use as tools for social and political control as well as mind control, which will be used  by FEMA and other governmental organizations that were modeled after the camps the Japanese were locked away into.

Dr. Hammomoto explains the Japanese were the "beta model test," for what is to come. He states that he is not talking metaphorically, but quite literally.

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