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Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Louisiana Sinkhole Collapses Into Aquifer: ‘Active Volcanic + Geothermal’

By Susan Duclos

 New reports on the Louisiana Bayou Corne sinkhole show that it has collapsed into the Aquifer, making this ever expanding sinkhole an issue not just for the residents of Bayou Corne, but for the entire region as polluted water now being flowing through what is normally clean aquifer water.

 The video below not only shows the activity being seen, but splits the screen with the local meeting held where officials attempt to explain and answer questions from understandably concerned citizens.

Direct quote:

The point-source equivalent force system describing the motions at the seismic source (called moment tensor) showed similarities to seismic events produced by explosions and active geothermal and volcanic environments. But at the sinkhole, an influx of natural gas rather than hot magma may be responsible for elevating the pore pressure enough to destabilize pre-existing zones of weakness, such as fractures or faults at the edge of the salt dome.

Much more with charts, images and graphs at Dutchsinse and in his video below.

Last flyover, at the start of June 2014, shows the ever expanding collapse area has grown by several acres. New “containment berms” have been built, as the original levee system collapsed.

Now we see breaking news from the Geophysics community in regards to the ongoing earthquake activity at the sinkhole, which is causing further collapse.

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