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Saturday, January 26, 2019

'Pay Attention To Fear, Not logic': Feminist Social Justice Warrior Admits They Don't Think, They Only Feel, Saying 'Emotions Are The Only Thing That Are Real'

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

It isn't often a liberal feminist social justice warrior will admit to what conservatives have pointed out as obvious, that facts don't matter to liberals across the spectrum, politicians, feminists, the media, nor do statistics, just "feelings" and "emotions," whether those feeling and emotions make any sense or not or even if they are based in any type of reality.

Feelings can be manipulated, as the media proves almost every day, using emotion to argue why illegal aliens should be given more than American citizens in the U.S., how apparel promoting president Trump, or hats that say "Make America Great Again" are somehow automatically to be considered racist, yet nothing about any of it speaks to race at all.....but the media says so, therefore liberals must believe it because they "feel" it.

In an utterly bizarre video clip taken during the Women’s March in LA., a bald-headed feminist SJW casually admitted a number of things about the feminist movement today.

The woman, and yes, I use that term loosely, confronted a black man in a MAGA hat, screaming in his face, then when asked "you want 50/50 huh?, she screams belligerently "No, I want the whole f**king thing, Motherf**ker." When asked if she is is all for only women in the world, she backtracks saying "of course not," but the cheers from the other Women's March attendees when she says they want the whole thing, tells the story of the nature of today's feminism movement.

It gets worse though when after hugging the black man wearing a Make America Great Again hat, she then proceeds to tell him to "think about your hat and the way it makes people feel," claiming further that it "incites fear in all those around us."

After telling the man "for so many people that's racism," he responds perfectly, pointing out "That's because of the mainstream media's narrative that's painted Donald Trump as a racist. I don't agree with that narrative. I'm out here trying to share that that narrative is skewed."

It is then that the SJW astounds by informing a black man, that is telling a white girl, that he doesn't see any racism in President Trump, when she astounds the man by saying  "as a human being we should pay attention to fear and not logic." He questions her "logic" on that by asking her "I should pay attention to emotion and not facts?" Her response is "Yes."

Apparently dumbfounded by the lack of an substance to her appeal, he asks "Why would I pay attention to emotion....." and she responds "Emotions are the only thing real in this world."

There is more back and forth but what she is admitting is that liberals these days do not operate on facts, even worse, they don't care about facts at all, only how they "feel," and that they believe that what they feel is more important and should be held in higher regard than the truth. The bonus is hearing right from the horses mouth, so to speak, that feminists today do not want equality, equal rights, they want more rights than men.

LANGUAGE WARNING - Like many of today's feminists they apparently can't help themselves from being foul-mouthed when out in public.


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