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Saturday, January 26, 2019

Exorcising The Mainstream Media Demons And Taking Back America: The War For The Future Is Here And These Charts Show Us What We're Up Against

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

The MSM's Covington Lies Could Be The Straw That Breaks Their Backs

While this January 21st story over at Infowars by Jon Bowne titled "Are These America's Final Days?" immediately warns the establishment is pushing our country to the brink of destruction with the 'deep state' making it abundently clear that they'll stop at nothing until President Trump is removed from office, thus negating the will of the American people and overturning the results of the 2016 election by any means necessary, something amazing is happening all across our land with the latest #CovingtonBoys incident pushing us over and across two threshholds we'll explore within this ANP story. 

As the Washington Post reported in a story which Susan Duclos also elaborated on in a story yesterday, when the Covington story went viral, the "Trump internet" pounced, nearly immediately turning around the mainstream media's lying and politically motivated narrative with proof via a much longer, context-providing video. And while many on the left apologized for immediately blaming school children for the incident rather than a stolen valor Native American who  apparently worked as a Democratic operative for a number of years, the Washington Post story elaborated on 'the bigger picture' to all of this with the following sentence.: "But when new details shifted the story into more ambiguous territory, a well-oiled machine of pro-Trump personalities and sites saw an opportunity to strike."  

Yet as anyone paying attention to the independent media knows, as a whole, a 'well-oiled machine' we are not with independent media just that, many different websites completely independent from other websites which just happen to be pushing similar themed stories, stories written individually by many different writers in our own search for truth. Highly unlike the mainstream media's 'well-oiled machine' which is overwhelmingly owned by only six different corporations. But unfortunately for them, even a 'well-oiled machine' will fail once they get away from what should be their primary job description, providing truth to the masses, rather than what they've become for the last many decades; propaganda for the globalists who've been attempting to divide rather than unite America.

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