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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

ANP Hot News.....Around the Web - Revolution Begins In Colorado - Voters Burn Registration Cards As GOP Delegates Are Removed For Voting Trump

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine 


Revolution Begins In Colorado - Voters Burn Registration Cards As GOP Delegates Are Removed For Voting Trump

Shocking Video Shows What's Happening Now In New York - Report: Weapons Of Mass Destruction Already In All Large US 

HOT NEWS... Around the Web

CO GOP Backfire-Voter Burns Registration
Boston Offers 'Fake' News Of Trump

Video: Why You Shouldn't Trust Anything You See On TV

Trump, Kasich Box Out Cruz In Michigan Delegation

Reuters: Blocking Trump Could Hurt GOP In Election 

Spain Police Find Hidden Weapons Cache, ISIS Flag

Well Regulated: Inside an Indiana Militia

Comparing 1930's To Today: 'Greater Depression Has Started'

SHTF Skills That Every American Needs in 2016
Obama Says No Trump In White House In 2017: HUH? 
Trump's Favorability Ratings Rival Reagan Of 1980

TSA Prepares For The Long Lines Of Summer
Mark Of Beast? Fingerprints To Be Tested As Currency
GOP Establishment Funding Anti-Trump Message

Mysterious Shake Rattles Southeastern NC

FBI Warns Of Threat To Power Grid

Obama Says He Can Give Illegals Social Security

Rudy Giuliani Is Voting For Donald Trump

Gov't Will Owe More Than Entire Economy Produces

Bill Clinton Unloads On Obama: 'World Coming Apart'

Wealthy Fleeing Chicago Over Fear of Civil Unrest

TWITTER Posts Blamed Bank Run

Cruz Wipes Out In The Bronx

Country Music Legend Merle Haggard Dies At 79

WIRE: Coming Default Wave to Be Painful

Detroit ‘House of horrors' Discovered

Paying More Taxes Than Clothes-Food-Housing Combined

Southern California Braces For Summer Blackouts

Border Agency Admits Terrorists Arriving As Migrants

Why Are Americans Not Included in Panama Papers?

New Website Lets Anyone Spy On Tinder Users

Bernie And Ted Have Excellent Adventure In Wisconsin

Wikileaks Accuses Panama Papers Leaker Of Soros Funding

50 Ways To Eat From Your Pantry When You Have No $$$
How To Survive A Nuclear Meltdown
Mississippi Governor Signs Religious Freedom Bill
NKorea Able to Mount Nuclear Warhead on Missile

Intel Analysts Forced Out For Exposing Obama's ISIS War

Ted Cruz Is Fuming Because John Kasich Won't Bow Out

What Are The Panama Papers? Biggest Data Leak Ever

China Jitters Could Trigger Global Market Bloodbath

CHASE Limits Some ATM Withdrawls
UN Armies Fail Watchdog Group's Test